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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Léo Keler

Cahier iconographique

© Léo Keler - Instagram @leo_keler

Photography is above all a question of light and sensitivity.

Léo Keler is a photographer: with sensitivity, he brings things to the light. Ordinary and extraordinary moments, protest movements, manifestations of anger or joy, in the streets of Paris or Gori in Georgia, by the waterside in Ardèche.

He looks with humanity on all that surrounds him. He observes the world, his world. And reminds us that this rich, complex and often harsh world conceals suspended moments and simple pleasures.

Léo Keler self-publishes Tinkouze Love in collaboration with Louise Le Goff Hudhomme.
A selection of his photos can be seen at: Instagram @leo_keler
The Théâtre National commissioned a reportage from him in the framework of Festival Ouvertures. Images from this reportage will be displayed in the foyers of the theatre from 20.04 > 28.05.2022

© Gloria Scorier