Because it’s so important
to maintain the links...

The Théâtre National is closed to the public until December 19.
Following the multiple measures taken in the fight against the Coronavirus, we are obliged to cancel all performances and public activities initially scheduled until December 19.

In spite of everything, we remain hopeful.

We’re drawing our energy from the support we get from you, from the will power of the artists, from the willingness of our teams to keep on adapting. We won’t give up looking forward.

We are not able to bring you a performance at this time. That’s the way it must be. But we won’t let this stop us from sharing other things with you. There are a thousand and one ways to give voice to Story Makers. Videos, podcasts, texts, so many meetings, tales, views on the world and on creation.

And of course, the teams are at work within our walls to prepare the world after this. Even if everything seems frozen, it’s only an appearance.

Cancellation, exchange and refund

Performances are cancelled for : Contes et Légendes, L’Errance de l'hippocampe, La Bombe humaine and Le Dîner. Saison libre activities are also cancelled (Meetings, Workshops, Guided Tours, etc.)

The complete list of activities concerned and all the information for exchanging or reimbursing tickets are available here.