The time for beauty
has arrived!

It’s time for me to present to you my last season at the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles. 

As you look through it, some titles will likely be familiar – yet few have had the opportunity to reach the audiences that they deserved. Giving this crowd of unjustly served works the priority has led, ironically, to a season that we couldn’t have imagined.

During the past year our theatre has been anything but still. The team has worked hard to put together works that have been postponed several times, and to breathe new life into radio fiction by creating our VOIX.E.S app. The artists were preparing the cultural revival and the myths of the long-awaited pseudo-new world. The Théâtre National, true to its history, has become a place of protest for a profession that is struggling. 

But we don’t want to talk to you about that.

Because, let the Devil take complaining, the time for beauty has finally come. We’re thinking in the present, we’re here and waiting for you.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the whole team of the Théâtre, the partners and the artists that I’ve walked alongside. To those who come after me, I hope you will go even further, and that indignation and imagination remain the primary instruments for creation to prevail. 

And above all… see you soon.

Fabrice Murgia