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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles
Press review

La danse peut-elle être palpitante ?

Triptych: The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor
© Virginia Rota

"Dans la trilogie Triptych, les corps se démantibulent à l’extrême, soumis à des forces invisibles ou subissant le déroulement du temps autrement." 
Estelle Spoto, Avancer dans l'inconnu, dans Le Vif, le 26.01.2022


"Can dance be heart-poundingly exciting? At Peeping Tom, yes." ****
Magali Degrande, RECENSIE. ‘Triptych’ van Peeping Tom: Als dansers als lijken uit de kast vallen ****, dans Het Nieuwsblad, le 15.06.2021


"Another extremely intriguing show of Peeping Tom" ****
Bert Hertogs, Recensie Triptych ★★★★, dans Concertnews, le 12.06.2021


"In Triptych, Peeping Tom dares to venture deep into the human soul."
Het Parool, le 06.04.2021


"In addition to being full of suspense, the performance is exceptionally flexible and the special effects make it look like a movie. What a wonderful performance."
Recensie: triptych van peeping tom, dans Zubb, le 04.04.2021


"Seemingly effortlessly, they interweave dance, acrobatics, cinematic imagination, mime and text." ****
NRC Handelsblad, le 04.04.2021


"Almost acrobatic danced actions, of such an originality, beauty and perfection that they are difficult to grasp." ***** 
Rosalía Gómez, Un alimento para el alma, dans Diario de Sevilla, le 30.01.2021


"A fascinating voyage of almost three hours, [...] accompanied by eight fabulous interpreters, who seem to break the laws of nature with every single movement." *****
Marta Carrasco, El fascinante y poderoso efecto de la imagen, dans ABC Sevilla, le 30.01.2021


"The staging of this show is very strong, especially because the dancers build a gore image through a brutal mastery of the body, perfectly combined with sound and light effects."
Judit Martinez Gili, La porta absent i La cambra perdudadans Recomana, le 26.07.2020


"From spasmodic movements and virtuoso solos we move on to subtle touches of humor that offer a breath of air in the tension of the environment."
Oriol Puig Taulé, El virtuosisme de la contorsió, dans, le 22.07.2020


"Peeping Tom follows in the footsteps of theater dance or dance theater with a dramatic conception rich in suggestions and hints. [...] A real universe traversed by the magic of movement and the unexpected.", le 21.07.2020


"[The piece], in which there is no lack of black humor, seems to pay tribute to David Lynch with its atmosphere and with its enigmatic and seductive scenes."
José Carlos Sorribes, 'Diptico', una turbadora maravilla, dans El Periodico, le 21.07.2020


"Again a delicate and fascinating uproar of impossibilities."
Jordi Sora i Domenjó, La disciplina del cuerpodans Suzy Q, le 21.07.2021

© Gloria Scorier